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Audinell Hearing Aid Maintenance Products
The Perfect Dry®
We recommend using an electric drying system; especially if you work in very humid environments or if you suffer from excessive perspiration. Very quick and effective, they eliminate all humidity and condensation inside your hearing aids. They are used in exactly the same way as the dehydrating capsules, preferably at night when going to bed. Connect the drying system and place your hearing aids inside, taking care to open the battery compartment. Then leave the system to completely dry the devices. The timer is set for the recommended duration of 2 hours.
  • Can accommodate 2 BTEs with Ear molds, several ITEs Glasses, Cochlear, etc
  • Secure Drying Cycle with Timer
  • Max. Temperature 104 °F (40°C)
  • Automatic Switch-Off (The green light-emitting Diode switches off after 2 hours)
  • Max. Air Ventilation without Condensation
  • Innovative Materials


PerfectDry® Lux
UV-C Disenfection and Drying System

PerfectDry Lux Features:

  • Forced-air fan drying system
  • 360 UV-C lamp
  • Quick cycle (30-minutes)
  • Intensive cycle (1h30)
  • High quality materials
  • USB or main power supply
  • Compact case design
  • YouTube Video Demonstration
Cat # PERDRYLUX $79.95

Cleansing Wipes (BTE/ITE)
Audinell® cleansing wipes were specially designed for occasional maintenance. Easy and quick to use, they come in individual packs and are ideal for travelling and they also comply with the new aviation regulations. Audinell® wipes contain a surface-active agent, which is every effective against earwax. Antimicrobial components are more effective and are less aggressive on plastics and resins.
Box of 30 Individually wrapped Wipes

CAT # CLWP $13.95 EA

Drying Capsules - Drying Cup

Audinell® drying capsules have been studied in their form and size to provide greater absorption capacity. Silica gel absorbs moisture and changes color to indicate replacement.

Your hearing aids are subject to attack on a daily basis from perspiration, moisture etc. and electronic components risk becoming quickly oxidized. This internal moisture can affect the hearing aids. Moisture is very often the cause of breakdowns. To limit these problems, we strongly recommend using drying capsules. Every day (e.g. when going to bed at night), place the Hearing System in the cup with the capsule taking care to open the battery compartment.

The capsule will act overnight to remove moisture and the next day the hearing aids will be dry.
Technical Data: Silica Gel absorbs moisture and changes color.
Orange: Capsule is new; white: Capsule has to be changed.

Drying Capsules,
Four Refills

CAT # DRCP $10.95 EA

Drying Cup

CAT # DCUP $8.95 EA

Drying Kit - Cup and Dessicant
Perspiration and moisture cause oxidation on electronic components. Using Drying Capsules on a daily basis is a cost-effective routine to protect your expensive Hearing Devices. Place your hearing device in the Drying Cup. Leave the capsule to act overnight. The next day, your hearing device will be completely dry! The desiccant lasts approximately 3 months.


Cleansing Spray (BTE/ITE)
Audinell® cleansing sprays are specially designed to provide regular, complete and effective cleaning of hearing systems. The spray dissolves earwax and is recommended for cleaning the surfaces of the ear mold and the ITE unit. The soft brush is packed in an individual blister pack for complete hygiene. A single press is enough to soak the brush, rub gently and then easily clean the surface. After cleaning, the product can be left to dry. When you take out your hearing aids at night, this is the ideal time to clean them.

CAT # CLSP $12.95 EA

The specially developed Audinell Gel makes the fitting and removing
of the Hearing Aid, Ear mold or Hearing Protection easier. The Gel
allows a better tolerance of the Hearing Aid and prevents irritations
and skin problems. It is formulated to minimize the risks of allergies.

Technical Data: Includes Soothex that is a natural active component of Indian Frankincense, known first in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and now acknowledged in Western medicine, for its potent anti-irritant effects. Frankincense is an aromatic resin obtained from Boswellia trees.
It alleviates inflammatory states and reduces erythema evoked by skin irritations. Provides a pleasant soothing effect.

CAT # GEL $10.95 EA

Air Ball
The Air ball is designed to gently remove all water and moisture remaining in the tube of the ear mold, air vents and open fit. All you need to do is press the blower and point the end towards the item to be dried, or inserted in the tube.
Both products have a special thin tip for insertion into the thin tubes of Open Fit Hearing Aids

CAT # ABG $8.95 EA