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Power One AccuPlus Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries
Accu Plus Ni-MH Batteries; Power One Accu Chargers
ACCU Plus Batteries; Nickel Metal Hydride [Ni-MH] Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

VARTA Microbattery is the only manufacturer to offer Ni-MH hearing aid battery options. Some hearing aid now come with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. The Power One Accu line of hearing aid batteries are exact replacements for customers seeking to replace tired Ni-MH cells. For customers interested in switching from primary zinc air batteries to rechargeble cells, Power One also offers a portable charging unit for its rechargeable Ni-MH hearing aid batteries.

Just what do you get when you choose Power One ACCU Plus rechargeable hearing aid batteries? For starters, they do not contain any heavy metals: zero mercury, zero cadmium, and zero lead. What else? These high-performance Ni-MH batteries [Nickel Metal Hydride batteries] are characterized by their excellent reliability and quality without any memory effect.

The ACCU Plus series of rechargeable hearing aid battery models offers more than just rechargeability, an emphasis on health, and environmental safety. ACCU Plus batteries boast many innovative features. An example is the patented surface coating that provides improved functionality under various environmental conditions, and stability with safe corrosion protection even after heavy perspiration.

To learn more about VARTA Microbattery and the Power One ACCU Plus range of rechargeable hearing aid batteries, continue reading below. To understand how they compare to zinc air batteries for practical every day use, click here to skip down to comparison charts of both hearing aid battery lines.

*As with any new rechargeable battery, ACCU Plus batteries will not reach full capacity right out of the package. Several power discharge [uses] and charge cycles will be required. These rechargeable hearing aid batteries should be stored at normal room temperature, and during extended periods of non-use, they should be removed from your hearing aid devices. Even during passive states, a low current does circulate which can deep discharge [i.e., drain] a battery over a period of time. Such a discharge harms the battery by creating an irreversible loss of its capacity.
ACCU PLUS Pocket Charger Options:

Power One boasts a selection of chargers for ACCU batteries giving you the ultimate in portability and versatility.

The Power One P10, P13, P312, ACCU PLUS Pocket charger [or Card Charger as it is sometimes referred] will charge one or two rechargeable Power One ACCU hearing aid batteries. It is supplied with three different inserts which allow you to charge P10 ACCU, P312 ACCU, and P13 ACCU Plus batteries! The Pocket charger works independently of a power outlet. It is powered by a VARTA Micro-battery's rechargeable lithium polymer battery which charges your hearing aid batteries in 2.5 hours. You can recharge your ACCU Plus batteries up to 18 times before needing to plug in the charger. To preserve battery life and durability, the charger is equipped with a refresh safety function which first fully discharges partially charged batteries.
Similar to the above pocket charger, but exclusively for ACCU PLUS P675 batteries, the Power One P675 ACCU PLUS charger contains many of the same features as including the ability to charge one or two of your ACCU P675 button cells and its discharge function. Charge time for your P675 ACCU batteries is 5 hours.